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Call Today For Your FREE Hearing Consultation

Experience a world of better hearing this summer by taking advantage of the latest hearing science and cutting-edge digital technology. 

No matter what your hearing loss is at, we have a hearing aid for you.  Come see us at T Edward Hearing Center for a free hearing consultation to find out which technology level fits your lifestyle and hearing loss.

Make better hearing a priority.

T Edward Hearing Center Will Be Offering FREE HEARING CONSULTATIONS And FREE DEMONSTRATIONS Of Our Newest Hearing Technology.


If You:

  • Have trouble hearing in noise
  • Need to turn your TV up loud to hear it
  • Frequently ask people to repeat themselves

...This event is for you!

Call Today To Schedule Your No Obligation FREE Hearing Consultation!

(574) 527-0091



 This month drop-in for a Buy One, Get One FREE Pack of Batteries!* 

*Stop by the office and mention our website to receive the buy one, get one free pack of batteries!

While you are here...
Schedule an appointment to have your hearing checked!

A hearing consultation is very important, especially if you . . . 
• Find it difficult to understand in common situations like using the telephone or watching T.V.
• Need others to repeat what they are saying. 
• Have been told by friends and family that you may have a hearing problem. 
• Haven’t been tested in the last year. Please call early to confirm your appointment — limited number of appointments available. We’re excited to offer it to you Free of Charge!

Stop by or reserve your preferred appointment time by calling today! 

(574) 527-0091

2306 Dubois Dr. • Warsaw, IN 46580